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Whether it’s for a new property or cleaning up after a home renovation, we're here to help, and we're always striving to provide the best value for construction cleaning services in the greater Boston area. Throughout Boston, Massachusetts we offer after renovation cleaning services, new home cleaning services, and post construction cleaning. ​


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    New Home Construction Cleaning Service

    The new house cleaning services might be a shock to some first time home buyers, but many well-seasoned homeowners know that new homes are full of construction dust and debris. We help curb the shock of a homeowner walking into the house with their keys for the first time to find that the whole house needs a thorough cleaning.

    New home construction cleaning services include detailed cleaning of the floors, walls, window interior, polishing steel and brass as well as sterilization. Kitchens and bathrooms often suffer the most from new construction. The grooves on countertops, tile flooring, and fixtures grab onto construction dust well.

    Whenever you move into a new home, you should have a cleaning service go in ahead of you and clean up. We service home in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts including through the Metrowest and North Shore regions. Our staff know the area well and are familiar with many of the neighborhoods throughout Boston.

    When it comes to new construction, we focus on window sill cleaning, high dust removal, clearing vents and cleaning light fixtures. We've found through years of excellent service that new home construction leaves the most dust in these regions. New homeowners might find themselves wiping down window sills with a damp towel for weeks after they move in. ​

    The Mess After Home Renovations

    Congratulations on finishing your home remodeling project! But after the renovation is done it might seem like you’re never finished with the cleaning. The costs of a renovation or remodel might seem staggering, but the costs of an after renovation cleaning service should be a relief. You can get your home back and in pristine condition with cleaning after construction.

    When you let professionals take care of the cleaning you’ll see that the walls shine, hardware in new kitchens gets a buff, and the floors are spotless. The home renovations that people often undertake include kitchen remodeling and bathroom upgrades.

    Kitchens can take the biggest hit as they often come with some wall or ceiling improvements that can leave drywall dust circling through the house and vent systems. Our renovation cleaning services and post construction cleaning can remove this dust from the vents and high lighting fixtures.

    Bathroom renovations come with different struggles. Water fixtures such as shower heads, sinks, and shower railings can not only trap dirt but create a cement-like muck if not cleaned quickly and thoroughly. The bathroom renovations in your home will need a professional house cleaning service.

    Post renovation cleaning does not have to be invasive. Often homeowners opt out of home cleaning services because they don’t want a stranger coming into their home. But we’re all neighbors in the Greater Boston area and Massachusetts is our home! We enter your newly renovated home with the greatest respect and care to make your project complete, and your house feels more comfortable again. ​​

    Post Construction Clean Up Services

    Construction clean up services are often needed and available for residents, rental tenants, homeowners, and even business owners. It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently had construction work or renovations done in a business office, house, or apartment. We’ll be there to clean everything up and put your space back into order. Post renovation cleaning services include window sill cleaning, high dusting, and floor polishing in addition to the initial cleaning.

    We know what is often left behind in construction and renovation cleaning services can help you get rid of the excess trash as well. From boxes to painters’ tarp, we pick up after the contractors who don’t clean as they go. We give a total cleaning service and even work directly with contractors.

    If you’re a contractor looking for a construction clean up service to partner with, our staff works with high-standards and are dependable in any job. We have experience working with corporate buildings, new residences, apartments, and more. We’ve never backed down from a challenge and are comfortable in working directly with contractors that are renovating small areas such as bathrooms as well. ​

    Professional House Cleaning Services After Renovation

    With a professional house cleaning service in Massachusetts, you don't have to worry about putting your house back into order. When the construction is done, and the contractors have moved on to their next job you can call us in to clean up the mess.

    Unfortunately, general contractors aren’t known for keeping their areas clean and are typically terrible about cleaning as they go. Instead of worrying about how you’ll pick up the pieces and put your home back in order, you can call in a professional house cleaning service.

    After renovation cleaning services are available for homes, rentals, vacation houses, and apartments. Property managers will often hire professional house cleaning services between tenants, but our services are available to current tenants in rental properties as well.

    We get the job done quickly and can ensure that any renovation or construction project is complete with an in-depth cleaning. Our staff knows which tools to use, which chemicals are best and how to exercise their training for the best results. We work on projects that are big, small or anywhere in between, with interior windows, window sills, and detailed floor cleaning included in every service.

    Professional house cleaners often do much more than dust and vacuum weekly. In fact, we specialize in picking up the mess that contractors often leave behind. You should consider hiring a professional house cleaning service after any visit from a general contractor, electrician, plumber, or even roofing company! Homeowners don’t realize the mess they’ll have to clean up until the job is done and the bill is paid for the repairs or renovations. ​

    Interior Window Cleaning Services

    Unlike the other guys, we DO clean windows! Our interior window cleaning services will leave your glass panes sparkling and your window sill dust free. Unfortunately, with post-construction or renovation jobs, windows love to grab hold of dust and drywall particles. These bits of matter float through the air and stick on to windows creating multiple layers of much.

    If you’ve recently had a renovation or improved any part of your home, you may not have realized that your windows are slowly building up more debris and dirt. There’s no better excuse than a renovation to have your interior windows professionally cleaned! Residential construction leaning services will often omit windows, but it’s part of our service packages.

    Renovation cleaning in many homes might only apply to a single area, but we know that the dust from renovations travel and nest in the ducts and windows of your home. Allow us to help you clear out this dust for good with our interior window cleaning services.

    Throughout the Greater Boston area in Massachusetts, we provide these services and more. We stretch as far as the Metrowest region and North Shore to help homeowners and business owners ensure that their projects are complete with only a spot-free home to show. ​

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    The Small Spaces That Matter

    That's right; construction cleaning services often target the obvious areas of a job such as clearing away the trash and sweeping up. But we target the areas that get overlooked far too often. We clean sliding glass doors, as well as the tracks and frames. Shower doors, frames, tracks, and tile walls are no matter for us. We also clean inside cabinets, toilets, vanities and scrub down all appliances as well. We provide regular check-ups on the work in your home or business to ensure that the renovation or remodel is thoroughly cleaned up after.

    At the end of our appointment, we’ll leave your home, apartment, or office spotless and ready for the next stage of your renovation. We deliver only top-quality work and take great care to ensure that your new space is everything you could hope for! We've seen too many homeowners disappointed with a renovation because of the work that they had to put in afterward to clean up. Don't get frustrated with work, instead hire a professional cleaning service, relax and enjoy!

    We know that the smaller spaces will cause bigger nuisances than the floors or walls. As we wash and take care of all of the surfaces in your home, we mind that we pick up any excess dust or debris from the construction. During a renovation, dust doesn't like to settle. Instead, it will freely "blow" throughout your house spreading the mess. You may have only remodeled the kitchen but pay attention to the layer of dirt that's building on your windowsill or bathroom vent.

    To us, every space matters which is why we take such great care when we're on the job. There's nothing more important to us than delivering the best results to every customer. With our meticulous attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of the best cleaning practices available, we only work to get the best results and make our customers happy. ​